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Our next talk on Friday, 20th May will be presented in person in Colmworth Village Hall. The details are as follows:

20th May – Yvonne Pinchen will talk about the David Parr House in Cambridge.  Decorated in the late Victorian era, this house lay undiscovered until a few years ago when its extraordinary story began to be uncovered. David Parr was a ‘decorator artist’ who worked for some of our best known Victorian designers of the day such as William Morris and George Bodley. He decorated churches and palaces for those who could afford such decoration but in his spare time he come home and decorated his humble terrace house in the same style. Lived in by his granddaughter until a few years ago its interior remained a wondrous hidden secret. Now it will be saved, restored and opened up to the public so that many more can enjoy its unique atmosphere.

The above event will start at 7.30pm.

Visitors can attend the above meeting for a donation of £4.00, payable on the door.

Any questions should be directed towards our secretary, Dave Jarrett on

And it is confirmed that we shall be visiting Lamport Hall in Northamptonshire on Tuesday, 19th July.

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