Bolnhurst Mill

Bolnhurst Mill stood at Wood End, half a mile from the cross-roads, and is shown on the Bryants map 1825/26. The photograph was taken about 1915. The shape of the wooden milling portion was unusual, where the lower story had a lean-to, which enlarged that floor.

Joseph Edrop was a miller and freeholder at Bolnhurst in 1830 and Thomas Houghton was miller in 1869.
In 1885 the owner was Joseph Sharman, followed by his son, Edrop J Sharman, who was the last miller and owner there, having worked the mill until 1920, when he pulled it down and sold the property.

Bolnhurst Mill by E.M.Sharman

Click on the above link to download an article about Bolnhurst Mill written by Edrop Maurice Sharman, the son of Edrop Joseph Sharman, the last miller of Bolnhurst Mill. This material was originally published in Keysoe’s ‘Village Voice’ in 1983.

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