Colmworth Mill

The first mention of a windmill in Colmworth was in 1227 when mortgagee Robert de Waldebof moved it elsewhere and built a house in its place, although it was not really his to move.

A windmill is first mapped at Mill End in 1826 on the Bryants and Greenwoods map and Mill Field is shown on the 1838 Enclosures map.

Jabez Stringer was a miller and farmer here in 1848 and William Green in 1851 followed by George Green in 1864-77. The Green family were millers here up to the late 1890s.

Colmworth Mill was a square wooden bodied type with arched roofing similar to Riseley Mill but with the trestle supports on brick pillars open below, not with an enclosed ground floor.

This post-type mill was working until 1898 when William Ruff was miller and pulled down in 1906. The sails, two for cloths and two with shutters were removed to Bolnhurst.

Mill Cottages, Colmworth consisted of four semi-detached cottages forming an L shape. Trustees of the Church owned the cottages which are shown on the 1838 Enclosures map.

In 1910 the occupiers were Edward Fisher, Joseph Wagstaff, John Infield and Samuel Pell. In 1926 Frank Fisher, J Wagstaff, and Walter Colgrave lived there. Emily Abrahams lived there after 1927.

By the 1960’s, two were derelict and the two remaining (facing west) were painted by David Green in 1969 and soon after that were no longer standing.

The mid 19th century Mill House, situated 200 feet above sea level, has changed very little over the years.

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