Eaton Socon

St Mary’s Church, Eaton Socon

Eaton Socon is a large parish with many hamlets to the east of Colmworth. The main settlement of Eaton Socon and its parish church grew up on the Great North Road and thrived with its coaching inns and public houses. For centuries this rural parish was completely in Bedfordshire but in 1965 the village of Eaton Socon and the land to the north became part of the town of St Neots and the county of Huntingdonshire. When Huntingdonshire merged with Cambridgeshire, the village changed counties once more.

In 1971 the Great North Road, which runs through the village of Eaton Socon, was bypassed by the new A1 dual carriageway to the west. The new county boundary ran along the A1 which left many of the hamlets in the parish in Bedfordshire. The fields within Cambridgeshire have been rapidly developed with housing and Eaton Socon and Eaton Ford are now heavily populated while the hamlets to the west of the A1 remain small, surrounded by fields and very rural.

The link below allows you to download a Word document describing the Eaton Ford Army Camp, built around 1937/38, which became the Eastern Electricity Depot and subsequently the Trafalgar Road housing estate.

Eaton Ford Army Camp

Eaton Socon Cage, School Lane
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